Select a record for a lookup via a tree view

Maarten Bekaert 4 years ago updated by Adrian Sjöström 3 years ago 1

There already is a tree view for N:N relations, but I think it would be great to be able to search for a record for a lookup field via a treeview. A common example would be

  • selecting a product: the user would be default see the product families and is able to search these items or scroll through these and open the right family to drill down and select the right product.

Ideally the tree hierarchy could be based on 

  • a self-referencing 1:N relationship such as products and product families
  • a hierarchy based on another lookup/relationship from the "target" entity. 
    • Suppose  you have a lookup to select a country (custom entity)
    • Every country has a lookup (N:1) to another entity "Continent"
    • when opening the lookup search window, the user would see the lists of continents. The user is able to expand a continent which displays the countries linked to that continent and to select one. The selected country is completed in the lookup field.
  • a third option would be able to use different levels, where the hierarchy is composed of different entities and different N:1 relationships (Continent - country - State) but might be too complex...

Yes, in short pretty much like Subject works, but be able to base this on normal tables. I just want to load an array with child and parent records in several levels and select the bottom one. Main purpose is to avoid having several filtered tables dependent on each other taking up space and making the user confused. Subject can be used for this, if not already used for something else, but it's a pain to deploy since the data is stored in hidden tables that requires coding to transfer.