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OptionSet with Tooltip - updated (existing does not work)

kathleen smith 2 months ago updated by Guido Preite 2 months ago 3

Would like an updated PCF that allows me to add tooltips over different option set values, so that when a user hovers over the choice, it displays the value description. There was previously a PCF with this feature, but download no longer works

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the previous PCF that is no longer available is inside the PCF Gallery? can you share the link?


OptionSet with Descriptions | PCF Gallery

There's been issues reported since 2020 when people have tried installing, with no updates on the repository. 

Hi Kathleen, the error mentioned in the issue #3 is because is trying to install the zip downloaded from the repository. As you can find inside the PCF Gallery page, this PCF has not a Managed Solution available (otherwise a specific text and icon would be present). A managed Solution is a zip file that (in case the author added) allows the installation of the control to your instance. In order to compile this PCF and generate the solution zip file a procedure (that usually is performed by a developer using developer tools) is required. This is the documentation link about this https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/developer/component-framework/import-custom-controls

Inside the Gallery you can find controls with a managed solution available or not (the search page https://search.pcf.gallery/ has also an option to filter based on this)
The control if compiled should work
Hope it helps