Subgrid with Re-ordering of Child Records

Jeff Dodds 4 years ago updated by Hameed 3 years ago 2

I imagine this would only work for 1:N relationships with a whole number column on which the selected View is sorted on. The grid would allow either drag and drop re-ordering (or at least up/down arrows on each row) that re-orders the records via updating the whole number field.

In my case we are building out some data (legal Clauses) to insert into documents and the order of insertion matters. I'd build it myself but at this time at least the Project doesn't have budget for me to learn how to build a custom control and build/test it.

Great Idea. I actually just submitted the same (didn't see this before).

For us the Use Case is: Sales People can easily reorder lines in the Quote.

Interesting to see this, as this has, yesterday, come up on a project I am currently working on. The use case is that users should be able to re-order records from a subgrid.

I would be happy to collaborate on this :)