Lookup control to show multiple values instead of a sub-grid on the parent entity.Just like a Regarding lookup control in the activity entity.

Raghu 4 years ago updated by Siva 1 year ago 3

Would like to see a Control that can show multiple child records for 1:N and N:N records with a custom filter to filter the possible values. I can see Alex Shelga's N:N relationship control but it's only for N:N would love to have a lookup control for 1:N relationship as well instead of a sub-grid.

just so I undestand , you like to replace the grid with a lookup control ? That would make the relationship one-to-one ?  Am i right?

if that's the case, the behavior would be slightly different from a regular lookup . For exemple , no unsaved change would be triggered since the databwould be saved from an api background call make sense?!

The relationship will still be 1:n or n:n. 

Instead of viewing the child  records in a grid I want to see them in a field like an activity party (but on from 1 related entity) 

for example a field like to, cc, bcc on the email entity where multiple records can be selected but only records that meet the filter criteria are shown in the drop down. 

I am searching for a PCF control that serves a similar purpose. Specifically, I require a PCF control that allows the selection of a parent record to filter and display its child records in the second column of a subgrid. The control should support selecting multiple parent records. For instance, I have an N:N relationship between an Application entity and Development Languages entity, where each development language has multiple versions.

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