Dynamic sub-grid with contextual awareness using FetchXML

Niels 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

A great feature of the Common Data Service (current environment) List Records action in Power Automate is that you can use dynamic FetchXML queries. E.g. you can create a FetchXML query and use variables to dynamically update the query in the context of the flow:

It would be great to have a similar feature for sub-grids on forms. E.g. the Account form it would be nice to be able to show hierarchically related opportunities in the context of the selected Account. 

Jonas Rapp has a method where a plugin is used to achieve that. I have absolutely no idea if this is even possible to achieve using PCF but it would great if it is. 


The trick I guess is just creating a neat subgrid, how to populate it should be completely customizable with any kind of FetchXML (and a layout definition for the columns).

Like the idea!

I had a similar request, but with charts instead of subgrids.  Currently it's not straight forward to inject fetchxml into a model driven chart, and the client doesn't want to fork out for PowerBI (for 5000 users).

I would be happy to help, if anyone with the knowledge and skills to create such a control, would be interested. I am not a developer, so it would probably mainly be testing I can do.