Render a lookup as a dropdown (optionset)

ReadyXRM 5 years ago updated by Parvez Ghumra 8 months ago 9

Rendering a lookup as an dropdown/optionset would be for things like reference data (e.g. country lists).  Users could add values without needing system customizer role and also you would be able to "retire" options.


I plan to do it as soon as they enable Lookup bidings.

Any update on this? 
Did MS allow this yet?


Lookups are still not available as the bound parameters

Would it (in theory) be possible to code this without bound parameters?

Basically fetching all available options of this entity and then display them in some html control?

Better off binding it to an entity TBH, that way the control isn't context aware.


Would be great if you can manage having the dropdown respect the filtered lookup setting too!

Just out of curiosity, why would you need this? What's the use case where a dropdown is better than a lookup?


On a model-driven form, having a dropdown to select a value from a short(ish) predefined list (e.g. provinces/states) is a bit more intuitive/cleaner and has fewer clicks than a lookup. "Then why not use an optionset?"  Good question, using a lookup references a table that an end-user can manage within the context of an app (add/remove values) instead of modifying the solution/publishing/deploying/etc.  This is actually a feature within portals (render lookup as a dropdown) and I have used it on a number of projects.  Hope that helps!


Looks like this one can be closed? Several examples of implementations here: https://pcf.gallery/categories#lookup