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There are several controls for multiline text ( but I think none of them is using ACE (one is using TinyMCE, others Quill JS). Do you have a specific use case scenario where ACE suits and others don't?

Hi, I don't know if a PCF control can be useful in your scenario. If you are talking about Canvas Apps, recently there were some new features around the Print functionality ( So how the connection is done with your printer is secondary (Bluetooth or else) if the system recognizes it as a printer.

I will decline this proposal, but feel free to comment if you want to add more details.

This kind of requirement is not suitable for a PCF control, maybe you can implement it by using a Flow with Power Automate

it's definitely an interesting topic, if I may add, it should be considered in all kind of applications and not only regarding PCF controls. Being PCF an ecosystem deeply connected to npm I understand your concerns. I quickly checked and looks like there are other players in this category (at least snyk is open source). Thanks for raising the attention on this topic, I will evaluate if an indicator can be a solution.

another control has been published with a similar functionality:

you can put the field names as parameters of your javascript, so you can reuse your code to other scenarios and just changing the parameters after you attach the javascript to the onload and onchange event. My opinion is that building a PCF will not give you an advantage in your requirement

PCF components are not made for this kind of purpose. For example to implement the scenario you described is sufficient JavaScript (or maybe just Business Rules). If you don't know how to do it, you can look for help inside Dynamics Community Forums ( or find a person to implement it for you.
I close this thread

PCF Gallery displays if a control has a license or not (with an indicator and the phrase "LICENSE IS PRESENT" under the page control). The specific license (if present) is normally defined inside the repository (link of the "Download" button) by the author.

PCF Controls don't work in that way, they don't extend existing controls. You will need to look at PCF controls that replace completely the subgrid and if an action to move to the last page is missing you can ask.

By the way, if you reverse the order of the subrid (by clicking on the sort column) and you go to the first page, you get the last page of your initial order.

I close this topic now.