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Subgrid - Drag & Drop Lines

Serf 8 months ago 0


I imagine a subgrid where you can drag & drop the related records. 

The drag & drop should update a field of the type number in the background of the related elements.

Use Case: Sales People can easily reorder their line items in Quotes. The sequencenumber would change in the background.

Thanks for your input to my idea!


File Picker - Document Lookup

Serf 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 1


I imagine a File Picker where people add a file they want to upload from their PC.

(Maybe even Drag & Drop?)

The added file should be stored in the SharePoint AND/OR Notes. 

Also maybe a custom entity  "Document" could make sense.

Thanks for you input to my idea!


Energy Efficiency Rating Control

Justin W 10 months ago updated by Ivan Ficko 10 months ago 3

Hi I think the below would be great if anyone could create this, would be hugely beneficial for various users within several sectors such as Housing:

Ivan Ficko 10 months ago

You can check the control I created at

Feel free to say if it's what you expected or suggest an improvement.


copy text button

Tom Carrisi 11 months ago updated by Chintan Dave 10 months ago 2

simple copy text button - really useful for read only fields where certain browsers don't allow the text to be copied on read only fields (firefox). example Case ID


Start and End Date/Time Control

MattNC 1 year ago updated 8 months ago 2

A control that simplifies selecting a start date/time and end date/time and stores them in two corresponding standard date/time fields. For reference, I like the "Linked Pickers" here: but the Time selection interface here:

Guido Preite 8 months ago

a control that implement this functionality has been published:


Outlook calendar integration

Alex 3 weeks ago 0


I'm a D365 Customer Service admin. In D365 there is a built-in module called Appointments. There is also an option where it syncs the created Appointments from D365 to user's outlook. So far so good. However, during the Appointment creation, D365 does only check for overlap or overbooking within the actual Appointment module and not the user's outlook calendar. In reality, we get meeting requests or even we use our outlook for other tasks as well. Here is my question or idea:

  1. Is it possible to implement a plugin where upon the Appointment creation, it checks both sources (D365 and Outlook calendar) and if any overlapping item found to notify?
  2. Or just a list, table or a calendar view where it shows all outlook calendar items so we can manually see them within D365?

Please let me know if you need more clarification.




Multiselect Option Set Customization (Color, icon an so much.....even if everybody hates this kind of field :-)

John B Bily 2 months ago 0

I'm asking for a little love on our Judas field Multiselec,  you may not love him but have mercy on his FieldSoul.

I'm convinced one day, it will be better...or I hope

Anyone ?


Organization Hierarchy Chart in PCF

Kaustubh Tendulkar 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 0

Hello Team,

We are looking for the Organization Chart which looks same as we have in Dynamics 365. 

Below is the overall hierarchy which we are trying to achieve. Please if you guys can develop it would be great for us.



Michal 6 months ago updated by Harinarayanan Kumar 5 months ago 1

Would it be possible to create custom control for MultiSelectOptionSet? Something like the existing one for standard optionset, but we would need it for multiselect.


Set a lookup field search automatically as a wildcard search

michaelcai282 9 months ago 0

It would be great for the lookup search to automatically default to a wildcard search instead of a user needing to put an * before the search term.