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Rich text editor that stores data as HTML and as plain text as well

Maarten Bekaert 3 years ago updated by Jelle Vervloessem 3 years ago 1

A much requested item is a rich text editor in Dynamics CRM. You can already find some RTE experiments via CCF on the web.

Ideally, we would have a RTE that stores data as richt text (html) but also as plain text. This way, the info can be used to show in views and can be used in Excel exports or reports as well.


password field

w vandenbossche 6 months ago updated by Aleksa Zatezalo 2 months ago 1

ability to show/hide password fields with an 'eye' icon. Passwords must not be visible in HTML source code.


Queue Items with Drag & Drop

SeAn 11 months ago updated by Eswar Prakash 10 months ago 1

Handling Queue Items is quite frustrating and requires a lot of clicks - an easy way to move Queue Items from Queue to Work or another Queue would be helpful. Maybe like a kanban board. 


Ckeditor Document Editor

Rob 1 year ago 0

Ckeditor has functionality that the other Rich Text editors don't have.  It handles copy/paste from Word much better.


Grid Folder view for parent and child records

Michael Cai 2 years ago 0

It would be great to convert a grid view of records with child and parent relationships to a folder view.


Add email attachment with drag and drop

jerome becu 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I saw PCF for the note attachment but a good idea could be the same for email attachment files.


Subgrid - Drag & Drop Lines

Serf 2 years ago 0


I imagine a subgrid where you can drag & drop the related records. 

The drag & drop should update a field of the type number in the background of the related elements.

Use Case: Sales People can easily reorder their line items in Quotes. The sequencenumber would change in the background.

Thanks for your input to my idea!


File Picker - Document Lookup

Serf 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1


I imagine a File Picker where people add a file they want to upload from their PC.

(Maybe even Drag & Drop?)

The added file should be stored in the SharePoint AND/OR Notes. 

Also maybe a custom entity  "Document" could make sense.

Thanks for you input to my idea!


copy text button

Tom Carrisi 3 years ago updated by Chintan Dave 3 years ago 2

simple copy text button - really useful for read only fields where certain browsers don't allow the text to be copied on read only fields (firefox). example Case ID


Editable subgrid where we can upload attachments on one click as well as continue editing the data in the row.

Diksha 3 years ago 0

The uploaded attachments can go inside notes on save automatically. Preview of image will be available on the same grid (for more attachments show counts instead)