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Rich text editor that stores data as HTML and as plain text as well

Maarten Bekaert 11 months ago updated by Jelle Vervloessem 11 months ago 1

A much requested item is a rich text editor in Dynamics CRM. You can already find some RTE experiments via CCF on the web.

Ideally, we would have a RTE that stores data as richt text (html) but also as plain text. This way, the info can be used to show in views and can be used in Excel exports or reports as well.


Editable subgrid where we can upload attachments on one click as well as continue editing the data in the row.

Diksha 12 months ago 0

The uploaded attachments can go inside notes on save automatically. Preview of image will be available on the same grid (for more attachments show counts instead)


Subgrid with Re-ordering of Child Records

Jeff Dodds 12 months ago updated by Hameed 7 months ago 2

I imagine this would only work for 1:N relationships with a whole number column on which the selected View is sorted on. The grid would allow either drag and drop re-ordering (or at least up/down arrows on each row) that re-orders the records via updating the whole number field.

In my case we are building out some data (legal Clauses) to insert into documents and the order of insertion matters. I'd build it myself but at this time at least the Project doesn't have budget for me to learn how to build a custom control and build/test it.


MarkDown Viewer

Michael Megel 3 months ago updated by Guido Preite 3 months ago 2

I have created a PCF Control, which render MarkDown Content:

My control & solution ar:

The control works well in design mode in PowerApps studio, But when I try to use the published App with the Web-Player or my Phone:

Then I get this error:

What is the problem?


Grid Folder view for parent and child records

Michael Cai 3 months ago 0

It would be great to convert a grid view of records with child and parent relationships to a folder view.


Dynamic sub-grid with contextual awareness using FetchXML

Niels 5 months ago 0

A great feature of the Common Data Service (current environment) List Records action in Power Automate is that you can use dynamic FetchXML queries. E.g. you can create a FetchXML query and use variables to dynamically update the query in the context of the flow:

It would be great to have a similar feature for sub-grids on forms. E.g. the Account form it would be nice to be able to show hierarchically related opportunities in the context of the selected Account. 

Jonas Rapp has a method where a plugin is used to achieve that. I have absolutely no idea if this is even possible to achieve using PCF but it would great if it is. 


Colors in values field.

Jason 7 months ago 0

It would be nice to have colors depending on the value of a field for example : 

Green color : open status

Red color : closed status 

Something similar to pcf gallery. 


Add email attachment with drag and drop

jerome becu 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 2

I saw PCF for the note attachment but a good idea could be the same for email attachment files.



Wally Trester 7 months ago 0

An autocomplete that can be configured to any entity text attribute.  All existing force an optionset or predefined list.