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Start and End Date/Time Control

MattNC 6 months ago updated 2 weeks ago 2

A control that simplifies selecting a start date/time and end date/time and stores them in two corresponding standard date/time fields. For reference, I like the "Linked Pickers" here: but the Time selection interface here:

Guido Preite 2 weeks ago

a control that implement this functionality has been published:


Set color to inactivated records in CDS entity form view

Saswati 3 weeks ago 0

Select a record for a lookup via a tree view

Maarten Bekaert 4 months ago 0

There already is a tree view for N:N relations, but I think it would be great to be able to search for a record for a lookup field via a treeview. A common example would be

  • selecting a product: the user would be default see the product families and is able to search these items or scroll through these and open the right family to drill down and select the right product.

Ideally the tree hierarchy could be based on 

  • a self-referencing 1:N relationship such as products and product families
  • a hierarchy based on another lookup/relationship from the "target" entity. 
    • Suppose  you have a lookup to select a country (custom entity)
    • Every country has a lookup (N:1) to another entity "Continent"
    • when opening the lookup search window, the user would see the lists of continents. The user is able to expand a continent which displays the countries linked to that continent and to select one. The selected country is completed in the lookup field.
  • a third option would be able to use different levels, where the hierarchy is composed of different entities and different N:1 relationships (Continent - country - State) but might be too complex...


Subgrid with Re-ordering of Child Records

Jeff Dodds 4 months ago updated by Serf 2 days ago 1

I imagine this would only work for 1:N relationships with a whole number column on which the selected View is sorted on. The grid would allow either drag and drop re-ordering (or at least up/down arrows on each row) that re-orders the records via updating the whole number field.

In my case we are building out some data (legal Clauses) to insert into documents and the order of insertion matters. I'd build it myself but at this time at least the Project doesn't have budget for me to learn how to build a custom control and build/test it.


To Show Optionset field as rating control

Harinarayanan Kumar 6 days ago 0

To Render Optionset field as rating control (Slider/Star/Custom) rating control


Set a lookup field search automatically as a wildcard search

michaelcai282 1 month ago 0

It would be great for the lookup search to automatically default to a wildcard search instead of a user needing to put an * before the search term.



Andreas 2 months ago 0

a Taskboard would be nice to show CRM Tasks based on Priority/ScheduledEnd, etc. instead of a plain list (or editable grid with grouping) 
(maybe with an optional Kanban filter based on statuscode)


Bulk Edit N:N Relationships

Badhikari 2 months ago 0

I am not sure if this can be done using a PCF Component but it would be nice to have control that would let user create multiple relationship records between two entities in one shot. Let's say there is contact entity and a custom tag entity. It would be nice to tag multiple contacts with the same tags in one go.


Search functionality

Abhi 3 months ago 0

Repro Env.
Microsoft Edge.Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Currently the moment I click on the search box, it shows me drop down of suggestion from random search phrases I might have used to search on bing/google.

Why can't we have a context sensitive search suggestions (if the customer is visiting for the first time, suggest them the most popular or most downloaded PCF)

In my case I had the following search suggestions that showed up:

C# Func<T, T, bool>
Func<T, T, bool> in C#

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