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Copy and paste screenshots directly into composed email

Michael Cai 2 years ago updated by Andrew Ly 2 years ago 2

It's something alot of people have wanted for a while but the ability to directly copy a image from a screenshot on your computer and paste it into the body of the email content and have it display contextually. Obviously it need to auto-attach the screenshot as an attachment first before displaying it contextually.


Subgrid with Re-ordering of Child Records

Jeff Dodds 3 years ago updated by Hameed 2 years ago 2

I imagine this would only work for 1:N relationships with a whole number column on which the selected View is sorted on. The grid would allow either drag and drop re-ordering (or at least up/down arrows on each row) that re-orders the records via updating the whole number field.

In my case we are building out some data (legal Clauses) to insert into documents and the order of insertion matters. I'd build it myself but at this time at least the Project doesn't have budget for me to learn how to build a custom control and build/test it.


Power Automate Approvals to Canvas apps

Zarski 6 months ago 0

It would be nice if we could embed Power Automate approvals to canvas apps directly. Now we can only get a link that takes user to the approval center. Our users complain that it's diffcult to approve from another browser tab/window and then come back to the app.


Upload Excel Spreadsheet, parse its contents, and make the contents available as an output of the control

basneary 1 year ago updated by Guido Preite 10 months ago 1

Taking inputs in an app from Excel is common and difficult to do.  Having a control to do this would be awesome!  Making the contents available as a well-formed collection would be ideal, but just having the output as JSON you could parse and manipulate would be OK.

Elizabeth 10 months ago

Here is a new control


See an image within a view

jus7n 1 year ago 0

I need / would love the ability to see  n image/ photo within a view on a record by record basis

something simple but would be amazing


Outlook calendar integration

Alex 2 years ago 0


I'm a D365 Customer Service admin. In D365 there is a built-in module called Appointments. There is also an option where it syncs the created Appointments from D365 to user's outlook. So far so good. However, during the Appointment creation, D365 does only check for overlap or overbooking within the actual Appointment module and not the user's outlook calendar. In reality, we get meeting requests or even we use our outlook for other tasks as well. Here is my question or idea:

  1. Is it possible to implement a plugin where upon the Appointment creation, it checks both sources (D365 and Outlook calendar) and if any overlapping item found to notify?
  2. Or just a list, table or a calendar view where it shows all outlook calendar items so we can manually see them within D365?

Please let me know if you need more clarification.




Colors in values field.

Jason 2 years ago 0

It would be nice to have colors depending on the value of a field for example : 

Green color : open status

Red color : closed status 

Something similar to pcf gallery. 


Drag and Drop HTML Editor using Grape JS

Michael Cai 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 2

It would be great if we could get a PCF that turns a multiple lines of text field into a drag and drop HTML editor using a open source html editor like GrapeJS.

Andrew Ly 2 years ago

Now this is in the gallery, can we change the status to completed Guido?


Set color to inactivated records in CDS entity form view

Saswati 3 years ago 0