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Subgrid - Drag & Drop Lines

Serf 3 years ago 0


I imagine a subgrid where you can drag & drop the related records. 

The drag & drop should update a field of the type number in the background of the related elements.

Use Case: Sales People can easily reorder their line items in Quotes. The sequencenumber would change in the background.

Thanks for your input to my idea!


File Picker - Document Lookup

Serf 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1


I imagine a File Picker where people add a file they want to upload from their PC.

(Maybe even Drag & Drop?)

The added file should be stored in the SharePoint AND/OR Notes. 

Also maybe a custom entity  "Document" could make sense.

Thanks for you input to my idea!


copy text button

Tom Carrisi 4 years ago updated by Chintan Dave 4 years ago 2

simple copy text button - really useful for read only fields where certain browsers don't allow the text to be copied on read only fields (firefox). example Case ID


Editable subgrid where we can upload attachments on one click as well as continue editing the data in the row.

Diksha 4 years ago 0

The uploaded attachments can go inside notes on save automatically. Preview of image will be available on the same grid (for more attachments show counts instead)


Ablitity to see how many views or likes on a control in PCF Gallery

Dineshkumar Sivakumar 7 months ago 0

- it would be encouraging for the component creators to see more insights on how their control is being utilized. 

- likes on control,

- no of downloads on their control


Create radio switch buttons control for multi OptionSet

Harry 2 years ago updated by Betim Beja 7 months ago 6

Display options as radio/switch buttons for MultiSelct Option Set in Dynamics 365


before export Quote to PDF

Mohamed Talaat 2 years ago 0


Before exporting the quote to PDF, I want to open a Word window and modify style it before exporting.


Hide and show field with a + button

Julie 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Hello ! Could someone create (or know) a PCF that would allow the user to hide and show fields by clicking on a button ? Thanks ! 

Image 59


Subgrid to filter on a lookup of the entity

Nicketmaster 2 years ago 0

Ability to add a subgrid that shows records filtered on a records lookup instead of the record itself.

E.g. On a Contact, show a sub-grid list of Cases that belong to that Contact's Account.  

This can currently done with JavaScript and injecting custom FetchXML, but would be great if it was a PCF control. 


RAG PCF control

Justin W 3 years ago 0

It would be really useful to have a simple but nice visual Red Amber Green Flag/traffic light system that gives a nice user experience ideally running off a Optionset field with Red, Amber Green values within it.  would also be helpful if this could be in managed/ unmanaged format. 

Many thanks