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Advanced find control to embed in forms

Couchiman 3 years ago 0

A control to create dynamic FetchXML queries and show results in a supported way. Aditionally could save que query as SQL as savedqueries or userqueries.


before export Quote to PDF

Mohamed Talaat 8 months ago 0


Before exporting the quote to PDF, I want to open a Word window and modify style it before exporting.


Hide and show field with a + button

Julie 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

Hello ! Could someone create (or know) a PCF that would allow the user to hide and show fields by clicking on a button ? Thanks ! 


Subgrid to filter on a lookup of the entity

Nicketmaster 1 year ago 0

Ability to add a subgrid that shows records filtered on a records lookup instead of the record itself.

E.g. On a Contact, show a sub-grid list of Cases that belong to that Contact's Account.  

This can currently done with JavaScript and injecting custom FetchXML, but would be great if it was a PCF control. 


Connection-multi-select like optionset

Sven 2 years ago 0

There is already a multi-select-control for n:m-relations, but none for a "connection". The benefit would be to be able to add connections in the quick-create dialog (which does not support grids)


MarkDown Viewer

Michael Megel 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 2

I have created a PCF Control, which render MarkDown Content:

My control & solution ar:

The control works well in design mode in PowerApps studio, But when I try to use the published App with the Web-Player or my Phone:

Then I get this error:

What is the problem?


Organization Hierarchy Chart in PCF

Kaustubh Tendulkar 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Hello Team,

We are looking for the Organization Chart which looks same as we have in Dynamics 365. 

Below is the overall hierarchy which we are trying to achieve. Please if you guys can develop it would be great for us.



Wally Trester 2 years ago 0

An autocomplete that can be configured to any entity text attribute.  All existing force an optionset or predefined list.



Andreas 3 years ago 0

a Taskboard would be nice to show CRM Tasks based on Priority/ScheduledEnd, etc. instead of a plain list (or editable grid with grouping) 
(maybe with an optional Kanban filter based on statuscode)


Energy Efficiency Rating Control

Justin W 3 years ago updated by Ivan Ficko 3 years ago 3

Hi I think the below would be great if anyone could create this, would be hugely beneficial for various users within several sectors such as Housing:

Ivan Ficko 3 years ago

You can check the control I created at

Feel free to say if it's what you expected or suggest an improvement.