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"Field Service Technician Service Reporting" on a different table

Sompop 6 months ago 0

Hi there,

I believe that the solution provided by Microsoft in the link below is a managed solution and it is for a bookable resource booking table. Is there a way to modify this solution so that it will be on a work order table instead? The reason is that we need a main report from the work order not from the booking. I am really new to PCF control and may ask the wrong question. If you get an essence please provide me a guide. Much appreciate.

Field Service technician service reporting | Microsoft Docs



max 7 months ago 0

chat or a messenger control to facilitate chat communication.

A use case can be a messenger app that in the background connected to Twilio for example to send messages 


Share Power App screen

Najib 8 months ago 0

Hey Power App People!

I am looking for a PCF that allows the users of my Power App to share content (for now its a screen of their output) on social platforms like; FB/Messenger, WhatsApp, Insta/DM, Twitter/DM. I cannot find custom component, you people?

if you know how to make a component for this please let us know.


Character counter

Al ball mrcrm 9 months ago 0

with output for Characters used and characters remaining (remaining being field size less chars used).  Hopefully a simple control that someone can knock up  pretty quickly


Bluetooth printer connection

Jmoronba 11 months ago updated by Guido Preite 11 months ago 1

Hello to everyone,

i think we need a bluetooth connection. For my case in retail stores, we need to print inventory tags for inventory management.

Best regards!

Guido Preite 11 months ago

Hi, I don't know if a PCF control can be useful in your scenario. If you are talking about Canvas Apps, recently there were some new features around the Print functionality ( So how the connection is done with your printer is secondary (Bluetooth or else) if the system recognizes it as a printer.

I will decline this proposal, but feel free to comment if you want to add more details.


Multiple Email Address

Ralph West 11 months ago updated by Eswar Prakash 9 months ago 1

Similar to to OOB email field, Have a field backed by text field that allows you to enter multiple email addresses seperated by semi colons. It would verify each item is a valid email address.


Save published form as a pdf for Archiving

Matt Pring 1 year ago updated by Guido Preite 1 year ago 1

When a form reaches a specified state (e.g. complete/inactive), I would love the ability save the currently published form as a pdf for archiving purposes.

This would allow old fields that are no longer in use to be removed, despite containing data, as the information would be stored in the pdf and cover any records management rules we have (e.g. store records for 7-99 years).  It would also help reduce database size for larger client systems.

This solution could potentially be triggered by a workflow, look at the number of the published form, and store data by Tab, Section and Field (visuals don't need to be pretty, just neat and readable).

Guido Preite 1 year ago

This kind of requirement is not suitable for a PCF control, maybe you can implement it by using a Flow with Power Automate


Insert a custom script into the html header of a Power App to leverage things like "Microsoft Clarity"

Victoria Hughes 1 year ago 0

Imagine being able to see how users are doing with your power app! Microsoft Clarity can be deployed to websites - and Power Apps are just a special kind of website. If we could customize the header of a Power App to include the required custom script from Microsoft Clarity, we could see heatmaps and recordings of a Power App's usage!

Under review

IS there some way of having an indication that the author is using snyk

Simon Tocker 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

In the pcf gallery itself, I found a control and ran it thru snyk and a low level vunerability was identified,

it has an easy fix too, update the version.

Im new to this, so asking,   is there some way of knowing that a project is registered with an automated dependency checking, and calling out to it to determine the current status of the components you are displaying ?

If the author doesnt do this, is there a way for you to regsiter all open source components with say snyk and check it yourselves, automating notifications to the author to get on with fixing when detected and for you to display the message on the site that this component needs attention and possibly notify users that downloaded a component from yourselves that what they have needs updating//checking.

Guido Preite 1 year ago

it's definitely an interesting topic, if I may add, it should be considered in all kind of applications and not only regarding PCF controls. Being PCF an ecosystem deeply connected to npm I understand your concerns. I quickly checked and looks like there are other players in this category (at least snyk is open source). Thanks for raising the attention on this topic, I will evaluate if an indicator can be a solution.


PCF component on change event of date field we have to visible two field on the form like first lockup field and second is single line of text

NNN 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 1 year ago 4

It would be great we if we get  PCF component on change event of date field we have to visible two field on the form like first lockup field and second is single line of text after that,

on save we have to get data of lookup and single line of text field and make bothe field hide and clear and on load both lookup and single line of text field get hide and cleared. 

Guido Preite 1 year ago

PCF components are not made for this kind of purpose. For example to implement the scenario you described is sufficient JavaScript (or maybe just Business Rules). If you don't know how to do it, you can look for help inside Dynamics Community Forums ( or find a person to implement it for you.
I close this thread