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BIBTEX replacer for academic use

Adrian Rose 3 months ago 0

Dear community,

i am working at a university and i would like to use power apps as a easy- to-set-up academic database for my organisation. It would be so cool , if the use could generate directly in the application bibliographies based on collections. Maybe someone has a working idea for this use case. I am excited!



Embedding GOJS

subhra ghosh 5 months ago 0

Looking to implement GOJS script in PCF.  I want to create a flowchart kind of diagram. Anyone have done something similar ?


Fluent UI-Activity Item

Manish Sharma 7 months ago 0

Hi All,
Can anyone help me to display dynamics 365 Notes(i.e. Annotation) using Activity List(i.e. fluent UI component. 




Evaluate a math formula in a string like ((23*2)/5+5)-5 etc..

Heresy_forall 10 months ago 0

Hey guys, I'm trying to create a pcf to evaluate a math formula in a string, but I'm having problems between the inputs, anyone has something similar?


Flexible width Gallery

WannabeExpert 12 months ago 0

I see that there is flexible hight gallery available but i do not see any flexible width gallery. I have requirement where i need to set the width of the gallery based on the text that is getting displayed in the gallery.


N to N multiselect with Create button

mislavraguz 1 year ago updated by Harinarayanan Kumar 6 months ago 1

N to N multiselect PCF which allows users to create new records (or values in dropdown)


Replace default captcha by Google ReCaptcha

jbrassard 1 year ago 0

"Field Service Technician Service Reporting" on a different table

Sompop 1 year ago 0

Hi there,

I believe that the solution provided by Microsoft in the link below is a managed solution and it is for a bookable resource booking table. Is there a way to modify this solution so that it will be on a work order table instead? The reason is that we need a main report from the work order not from the booking. I am really new to PCF control and may ask the wrong question. If you get an essence please provide me a guide. Much appreciate.

Field Service technician service reporting | Microsoft Docs



max 2 years ago 0

chat or a messenger control to facilitate chat communication.

A use case can be a messenger app that in the background connected to Twilio for example to send messages