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License associated with PCF controls

Learning Geeks 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 1

Hi Experts,

I am trying to leverage a PCF control from the gallery, need to understand if there is any Open Source license documentation that I can provide, are the controls available here associated with a common Open Source license like MIT, GPL etc and where can I find that information?

Guido Preite 2 years ago

PCF Gallery displays if a control has a license or not (with an indicator and the phrase "LICENSE IS PRESENT" under the page control). The specific license (if present) is normally defined inside the repository (link of the "Download" button) by the author.


List or grid view that lets you copy values to the clipboard

Ulrik 2 years ago 0

Right-click on a value in a list and copy it to the clipboard so it can be copied somewhere else.


Need a button to view the last page of a view (model driven app)

Ajay Varma 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 1


   I noticed that there is no last page button for a view in model driven app.

   so can anyone make a PCF button for this action. I have attached a screenshot for reference to show there is no last page button  and there in only first page button(highlighted in yellow).Also it would be great if there is a text box to enter a page number to go to that specific page.

          These are my client's would be wonderful if anyone could help me with this.   

Guido Preite 2 years ago

PCF Controls don't work in that way, they don't extend existing controls. You will need to look at PCF controls that replace completely the subgrid and if an action to move to the last page is missing you can ask.

By the way, if you reverse the order of the subrid (by clicking on the sort column) and you go to the first page, you get the last page of your initial order.

I close this topic now.


MultiSelect Recipients on Email Record

Ben Inkster 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Sometimes it can be painful to have to click email recipients individually to add them as a recipient to a Dynamics email if there's more than 10 people you want to email, and Quick Campaigns don't let you access custom entities that are email enabled. 

Could we use a PCF control to multiselect recipients and choose if they go into the To, CC or BCC fields?

Here's the steps you might take for such a control:


  1. Click into the PCF control to search for recipients
  2. Select which field the recipients are going to go into (e.g. To, CC or BCC field)
  3. Enter search criteria
  4. Results across email enabled entities returned
  5. Filter the record type (just like you would in the existing recipient fields) e.g. select from Accounts, Contacts or other email enabled entities
  6. Then have the option to multi-select recipients or 'Select All'
  7. Click OK, or Apply and the end result is that all the recipients are added to the To/CC/BCC field you selected in Step 2

This would be awesome, if possible!


publication in forms (@user)

calopez 2 years ago 0

Hello good day, a control would be very good where I can publish for another user (@user) and that user to whom I am publishing will receive a notification saying where he has a publication, thank you very much


Postal code the best one Canada

Fayera 2 years ago 0

Merge 2 images into 1 image file. (example: for adding filters to pictures)

Tanner Kotsopoulos 2 years ago 0

Lay an image on top of another image, and then combine the 2 images into 1 image output.


A way to just show canvas controls

Art K 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 1

There are so many controls listed which is a good thing.  However, If I am looking for something to use in a canvas app, I have to look at all the controls.  Can you add a way to filter them that shows canvas or UI.   Also, can you add the ability to sort by date added.  There is no way to tell what has been recently added.   Thanks


Drag Drop or Up/Down button for sub-grid to re-arrange items

Shalabh 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

Preview activity in dashboard

Nick 2 years ago 0

Preview activities when selecting a certain activity