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Enable DataSet rows to Move up and down(daggable rows)

Ram N 2 years ago 0

Graphically display a Trend Up, Down, or NoChange

Anne 2 years ago 0

As a user I would like to see the trend on an account from the input of two quarterly numbers. 

Input: Two numbers  (last and current)

Show a trend up graphic if the new number is higher than the old number

Show a Trend Down graphic if the new number is lower than the new number

Show a flat or no change graphic if the trend is no change


Gallery control

Andreas Ekman 2 years ago 0

The current Gallery control is really good! This idea is *just* for being able to have the Notes header (which is mandatory to fill in) as the text underneath the thumbnail, instead of the random name of the picture-file that currently is displayed.


Financial Grid

Nikki 2 years ago 0

Ability to store data over a timeline, so we can create trend reports in power bi


pert chart

Josh 2 years ago updated by Guido Preite 2 years ago 1

Display records (like accounts) on a map with different pins colors depending on specific field

Sebastien Lemale 2 years ago 0


Would it be possible to display records like accounts records on a map (Google or Azure) with different pins colors depending on a specific field.


Type of DataSet (view) refresh on Chart bar filtering selections

craig white 2 years ago 0

The ability to refresh (filter) the PCF datset type control when making chart filtering selections on the left side of views.

For example I have a maps displaying pin data based on view query records. Want he pin data (dataset) to refresh on chart bar filter selection.


SharePoint Documents Tab : folders / subfolders Tree view

eeid7 2 years ago 0

In the SharePoint Documents Tab, see all folders and sub-folders in a hierarchical "tree" view, instead of first having to click in a folder to then be able to see its subfolders, but see everything at once toggled down.


To Show Optionset field as rating control

Harinarayanan Kumar 2 years ago 0

To Render Optionset field as rating control (Slider/Star/Custom) rating control