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Render a lookup as a dropdown (optionset)

ReadyXRM 10 months ago updated by Serf 3 months ago 5

Rendering a lookup as an dropdown/optionset would be for things like reference data (e.g. country lists).  Users could add values without needing system customizer role and also you would be able to "retire" options.


Add N:N Relationships like a multi-select optionset

ReadyXRM 10 months ago updated by Tanguy TOUZARD 8 months ago 2

The idea would be create a better "multi-select" optionset.  The control could show all available values, and the user could pick which ones but just clicking the dots, the backend would make the N:N link.  Obviously would not work for large datasets.

Tanguy TOUZARD 8 months ago

And done! Look in the gallery


drag and stream lane view

Mike282 6 months ago updated by Marty 6 months ago 1

Not sure if this has been done already but it would be really useful to have a drag and drop stream lane PCF that allows users to drag opps or cases from one stage to another.


Control Duration fields (Whole Number field with a Format=Duration) to present in either Hours or Minutes

bsbrant 2 weeks ago updated by jblaeske 2 weeks ago 1

Currently, duration fields will present inconsistently in either minutes or fractions of hours. Screenshots below show how the same field with the same value is presented differently across different forms and views.

I have heard that the logic is to convert in hours as long as you use 15 minutes steps, but in my example that is clearly not the case. And even if it did, a consistent presentation regardless of the duration is desired. With Duration fields being used heavily in D365 Field Service, this is very confusing to users.

The ask here is to provide a control that would allow a global setting to either present in hours or minutes. Or possibly to have one control that presents in minutes and another that presents in hours.


Full file explorer connected to Sharepoint

Raphael Tagliani 1 month ago 0

A control like :

That uses Sharepoint as a backend (for instance, use it in Dynamics for Sales).


Drag and Drop HTML Editor using Grape JS

Michael Cai 2 months ago updated by Harinarayanan Kumar 2 months ago 1

It would be great if we could get a PCF that turns a multiple lines of text field into a drag and drop HTML editor using a open source html editor like GrapeJS.


Copy and paste screenshots directly into composed email

Michael Cai 3 months ago updated by Raphael Tagliani 1 month ago 1

It's something alot of people have wanted for a while but the ability to directly copy a image from a screenshot on your computer and paste it into the body of the email content and have it display contextually. Obviously it need to auto-attach the screenshot as an attachment first before displaying it contextually.


Rich text editor that stores data as HTML and as plain text as well

Maarten Bekaert 6 months ago updated by Jelle Vervloessem 6 months ago 1

A much requested item is a rich text editor in Dynamics CRM. You can already find some RTE experiments via CCF on the web.

Ideally, we would have a RTE that stores data as richt text (html) but also as plain text. This way, the info can be used to show in views and can be used in Excel exports or reports as well.


Editable subgrid where we can upload attachments on one click as well as continue editing the data in the row.

Diksha 7 months ago 0

The uploaded attachments can go inside notes on save automatically. Preview of image will be available on the same grid (for more attachments show counts instead)


Subgrid with Re-ordering of Child Records

Jeff Dodds 7 months ago updated by Hameed 3 months ago 2

I imagine this would only work for 1:N relationships with a whole number column on which the selected View is sorted on. The grid would allow either drag and drop re-ordering (or at least up/down arrows on each row) that re-orders the records via updating the whole number field.

In my case we are building out some data (legal Clauses) to insert into documents and the order of insertion matters. I'd build it myself but at this time at least the Project doesn't have budget for me to learn how to build a custom control and build/test it.