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Render a lookup as a dropdown (optionset)

ReadyXRM 6 months ago updated by Long Phan 3 weeks ago 2

Rendering a lookup as an dropdown/optionset would be for things like reference data (e.g. country lists).  Users could add values without needing system customizer role and also you would be able to "retire" options.


Add N:N Relationships like a multi-select optionset

ReadyXRM 6 months ago updated by Tanguy TOUZARD 5 months ago 2

The idea would be create a better "multi-select" optionset.  The control could show all available values, and the user could pick which ones but just clicking the dots, the backend would make the N:N link.  Obviously would not work for large datasets.

Tanguy TOUZARD 5 months ago

And done! Look in the gallery


drag and stream lane view

Mike282 2 months ago updated by Marty 2 months ago 1

Not sure if this has been done already but it would be really useful to have a drag and drop stream lane PCF that allows users to drag opps or cases from one stage to another.


Rich text editor that stores data as HTML and as plain text as well

Maarten Bekaert 3 months ago updated by Jelle Vervloessem 3 months ago 1

A much requested item is a rich text editor in Dynamics CRM. You can already find some RTE experiments via CCF on the web.

Ideally, we would have a RTE that stores data as richt text (html) but also as plain text. This way, the info can be used to show in views and can be used in Excel exports or reports as well.


Editable subgrid where we can upload attachments on one click as well as continue editing the data in the row.

Diksha 3 months ago 0

The uploaded attachments can go inside notes on save automatically. Preview of image will be available on the same grid (for more attachments show counts instead)


Energy Efficiency Rating Control

Justin W 2 months ago updated by Ivan Ficko 2 months ago 3

Hi I think the below would be great if anyone could create this, would be hugely beneficial for various users within several sectors such as Housing:

Ivan Ficko 2 months ago

You can check the control I created at

Feel free to say if it's what you expected or suggest an improvement.


Start and End Date/Time Control

MattNC 5 months ago 0

A control that simplifies selecting a start date/time and end date/time and stores them in two corresponding standard date/time fields. For reference, I like the "Linked Pickers" here: but the Time selection interface here:


copy text button

Tom Carrisi 3 months ago updated by Chintan Dave 2 months ago 2

simple copy text button - really useful for read only fields where certain browsers don't allow the text to be copied on read only fields (firefox). example Case ID


Select a record for a lookup via a tree view

Maarten Bekaert 3 months ago 0

There already is a tree view for N:N relations, but I think it would be great to be able to search for a record for a lookup field via a treeview. A common example would be

  • selecting a product: the user would be default see the product families and is able to search these items or scroll through these and open the right family to drill down and select the right product.

Ideally the tree hierarchy could be based on 

  • a self-referencing 1:N relationship such as products and product families
  • a hierarchy based on another lookup/relationship from the "target" entity. 
    • Suppose  you have a lookup to select a country (custom entity)
    • Every country has a lookup (N:1) to another entity "Continent"
    • when opening the lookup search window, the user would see the lists of continents. The user is able to expand a continent which displays the countries linked to that continent and to select one. The selected country is completed in the lookup field.
  • a third option would be able to use different levels, where the hierarchy is composed of different entities and different N:1 relationships (Continent - country - State) but might be too complex...